09/10 Program Artists

UnRaveL V.1


Opening 6pm // Wednesday 5th of May 2010
Alongside Tim Woodward and Anika Wilkins at Metro galleries
No Frills* Gallery: Studio 3.10 109 Edward Street
Continuing until 23rd May 2010

UnRaveL created by collaborative team DavisThomas (Adrian Davis and Lubi Thomas) is an ambitious kinetic work, being housed in the No Frills* gallery. This immense mechanical artwork will systematically engulf the gallery, prompting causal relationships between media, space, viewer and artistic creation. Through form and function the work alludes to the industrious nature of the site, corporeal encounters and sublime sensorial responses. DavisThomas have exhibited widely across Brisbane, including The Block, !Metro Arts, QUT Art Museum and Soapbox, as well as internationally at Beijing’s Today Gallery. They also have an expanding public arts practice, with commissions from both private and public sector clients.

Full Stop Brooke Ferguson

Opening 6pm // Wednesday April 7 2010 Alongside Courtney Coombs and Judith Kentish at Metro Galleries on Level 2 No Frills* Gallery: Studio 3.10 Level 3, 109 Edward Street // Continuing until 24th April

Full Stop manifests Brooke Ferguson’s ongoing exploration into drawing as a system for orientating the body’s potential to facilitate and connect different forms. In this installation, Ferguson extends the touch of fingers and hands to fulfil drawing as a performative act that involves both body and space in a tactile and conceptual process. As an emerging artist, Ferguson continues to develop her practice and has worked in a range of spaces across Brisbane. She is currently completing her Fine Arts (Visual Arts) Honours at QUT, and has exhibited with inbetweenspaces, !Metro Arts, and the QUT Art Museum.

Journey to Arcardia, nsw
Sean Rafferty

Opening 6pm // 26th of February 2010 // Preceded by an artist talk at 5:30 pm
No Frills* Gallery: Studio 3.10 109 Edward Street Continuing until13th March 2010

In Journey to Arcadia, nsw Rafferty explores the relationship of agriculture to the theatres of representation. His project develops from the glorified pastoral traditions embedded in the history of Australian Art and examines the mythologies of abundance that pervade images of the primary industries in Australia. For his exhibition with No Frills* Rafferty ambitiously composes an indoor landscape in the style of cardboard fruit boxes.

Rafferty lives and works in Sydney. He gained his Masters degree at College of Fine Arts in 2008 and has shown extensively in Sydney and Melbourne. He is on the board of Runway magazine and is a former co-director of Firstdraft gallery.

See a copy of the catalogue essay at

This exhibition was supported by an Artspace residency.

Cuckold culottes; the certainty of Cynosure
Ruth McConchie

Opening 6pm // 22th of January 2010 // No Frills* Gallery: Studio 3.10 109 Edward Street Continuing until December 6th February 2010

In this object based arrangement, Ruth McConchie traces and explores the links between object, memory, space and obsession. Items and materials are organised to create a place of orchestrated chaos where method and compulsion reign. For Cuckold Culottes McConchie ambitiously renovates the gallery to house her systemised fetishes.

Ruth McConchie’s solo and collaborative work has featured at Firstdraft in Sydney as well as a number of Brisbane art spaces including !Metro Arts and Accidently Annie Street Space. McConchie is currently undertaking her Master of Arts by Research at Queensland University of Technology, and is a co-director of the Brisbane artist-run initiative inbetweenspaces.

Terror and Hubris in the House of Charles Bongdelaire Joseph Breikers


Opening 6pm // 10th of December // No Frills* Gallery: Studio 3.10 109 Edward Street Continuing until December 19th 2009

In this installation of Mick’s media sculptures, video and audio work Breikers enacts a series of impotent threats upon on the viewer in a challenge to the revered masculinity of the sculptural tradition. Breikers sets up this collection of wrong-headed gestures in order to argue for the capacity of humour to disrupt the tradition of the artist as a mystical distributor of meaning and instead aims to presents a portrait of the artist a young, anxiety-ridden, bmx-riding, metal fan.

Joseph Breikers is a co-director of Boxcopy Artist Run Initiative and is currently undergoing a Master of Fine Arts at Queensland University of Technology. Breikers was included in the 2008 NextWave Festival in Melbourne and has shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout Queensland.

TRENCH MOUTH // Sarah Byrne
21 October – 21 November


Opening 7pm // 31st of October // No Frills* Gallery: Studio 3.10 109 Edward Street Continuing until November 21st 2009

Byrne’s ambitious video installation for No Frills* interferes with favourite clay humanoid, Gumby in a typically demented cadence of noise and image. Byrne’s savvy adulterations incessantly circumvent the psychological experience of the work through a treatment of sound that borders on the sadistic. This cunning assault is not to be missed.

Opening hours: 2-6pm Thursday – Saturday

Matt Dabrowski and the Many Hands of Glamour

The Handmaid of the Lord


Opening: 16th September 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition runs 17th – 26th of September 2009
Artist Talk: Saturday 19th September 2pm

Known for his eccentric collaborative projects, Dabrowski’s recent show at MSSR (Moreton St Spare Room Project) unhinged the typical despondency of Brisbane audiences with a mix of cut-up cowboy flicks, camel-billboard-styled smoke rings and a live French Percheron battle stallion. This next project is not to be missed.

Dabrowski and Co. have opened such independent spaces as The Farm in 2002 and unleashed live art spectacles around Brisbane at its performance art zenith in the 1990s. Come along to see this mainstay work his magic at No Frills* and support this latest venture by the enterprising group of young artists rejuvenating Brisbane’s art scene.

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